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Content Calendar

This template is intended to support you in planning, scheduling and managing the content of your content creation team.

Functions of the content calendar template:

  • The “Content production” table contains a list of all the contributions in your pipeline. You can add an entry with the plus symbol.
  • Each entry is linked to one or more posts in the “Social Scheudel” table. The “Social Scheudel” table contains a full list of these posts with their details. With a click on the linked social post records, you can quickly get more information about them.
  • The "Social Scheudel" table shows you an overview of your posts sorted by social platform on which they were published. The length of the post for the platforms is also counted here to ensure that they do not exceed the maximum character length.
  • The "Production Status" view immediately shows you which post has which status. This view has been grouped according to the "Status" column. Another useful view would be to only display posts with the status “published”. To do this, click on "Add view" and filter by status "Published".
  • The "Content by Section" view is also useful. Here you can see how many articles are planned or published per section. Which section have a particularly large number of contributions and why? Are these areas perhaps particularly popular or in demand? Less populated sections may be considered for the future or you can reevaluate their relevance.

Source : Seatable Marketplace

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