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The goal of this board is to give people a high level overview of what's happening throughout the company, with the ability to find details when they want to. Here's how it works:

Teams: The Teams list has a card per team. The team lead (or a designated representative) should add a weekly comment that includes the general happenings of that team since the last update. 

Projects: The Current Projects list will have a card for each active project. The description of each project card will include links to the relevant chat channel and Trello board or cards. A point person for that project will be assigned and be responsible for commenting with status updates periodically -- about once every week or two. If the project is blocked, they just won't comment. The magic of the Card Aging Power-Up will help us see when things stall out for whatever reason. As projects finish up, they'll move over to Past Projects where they'll live for a bit before eventually being archived. 

Bravos: Make a card to give a shoutout to whoever you want. Cards will be archived the following week.


What's a project exactly? Well, it's sort of hard to pin down. A project is something that takes more than a week to finish. It has a defined completion state. There's a good chance it involves at least a couple teams.

What if I have a question or idea about a project or team? This board isn't meant for discussion or questions. It's all status updates all the time.

Who adds project cards? Anyone. If you are working on something and it's not on the board, add a card. If you're not sure if it qualifies as a "project," ask your team lead. Make sure the name of the card is something that gives people the gist of the project.

I'm working on things that aren't covered on this board. How do I tell people about them? If it's a longer term thing, add a project card (see above). If it's a quicker thing, make sure it's mentioned in the weekly update for your team. 

How will I know when this board has updates? You can watch the board for updates, or read through the activity feed every once in a while to see what has happened recently. 

Author : Michael Pryor, Head of Product @ Trello

Source : Trello Templates

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