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Client Marketing Campaign

As an external agency working with a marketing team on a campaign, it's important to have all of the key information and assets in one place.

Using Dropbox allows the agency and internal campaign team to have a shared storage space and central repository, making it easier management for everyone involved.

The Dropbox Power-Up for Trello allows the team to find what they need from right inside any Trello card. The brand new Trello integration for Dropbox allows for the team to add files from Dropbox directly to Trello, without ever leaving Dropbox!

With tight deadlines, agency teams need to be able to easily share files and make revisions and changes quickly for their clients. They need to easily access and share files with external clients, while having a way to keep track of their project management.

Using Trello to track the project, and keeping all the content within Dropbox makes for an easy way to share design files and keep everybody on the same page.

Author : Dropbox

Source : Trello Templates

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