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Apartment Search Template

Organize your search for a rental apartment or house. Use labels to tag neighborhoods, favorite listings, etc. and use the Map Power-Up to map out your options. Share with family members or roommates so everyone can contribute, comment, and get on the same page. Move apartment cards from "Like it" to "Contacted" to "Tour Scheduled," "Maybe", "Finalists" and "Vetoed/Didn't Work Out" lists as you move through the process.

- Customize-able template for apartment listing cards with room to record pros/cons, other notes, and check off amenities and features important to you
- To Do Checklist
- Application Prep Checklist
- Funky Apartment Search BINGO Checklist to help you keep your sense of humor intact! Weird landlord policies, mysterious smells, and problematic pets oh my! Track the weirdest apartment features, problems, and situations you've discovered while looking for your new home.

I suggest putting the details that are most crucial for you in the title of the cards such as location, rent, # of bedrooms, or square footage, for easy comparison. I also recommend this 2016 article by Jake Bartlett on Medium for more inspiration on ways to use Trello in your apartment or home search:

Best of luck!

Author : Robyn Hendrix

Source : Trello Templates

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