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Agile Marketing

If you are a ecommerce marketer leading a team & like agile marketing then this is for you.

  • To get started brainstorm mini projects for each of the areas of focus listed under the 8 headings.

  • Create a new card per project & apply the appropriate colour label. (Sorry Australian spelling :)

  • Use the description of each card to explain what finished looks like. How would you know you have finished and what is the measure that tells you that is the case?

  • List up your initial steps using the checklist feature.

  • Then make a decision as to when this project will be kicked off by moving into the date range lists. Later > Soon > Next > Now

When a project is active it will need to move through the agile marketing phases Create > Review > Test > Done. To explain these 4 phases think of a Promotional campaign.

  • Create a promo brief in a Google doc and link it to the card when it is in the Now column.

  • The advertising copy and graphics need to be created, then reviewed and signed off.

  • Then the campaign might be launched and running. This is in the test phase as it may or may not be converting at right ROAS & COA.

  • When the campaign is over move it to the done column and with the team review the metrics and learnings to see what can be done to improve the next campaign.

Any feedback or questions? Connect with me on LinkedIn at

Author : Anthony Idle, Owner @ Ecommerce Garage

Source : Trello Templates

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