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A Hiring & Recruiting board by Crmble

1. Add applicants to this board

Add new applicants adding a new card to "New Applicants" list or even better, create a Google Form or Typeform and connect it with Crmble with our Toppings. This way every new submitted form will automatically show up as a new card in your "New applicants" list.

Connect your Google Form

You can also use power-ups and Zapier to create integrations and sync new applicants onto this board.

Use labels to categorize by role or department.

Each card automatically has the Crmble custom fields added to let you store important details about your candidates.

2. Use labels to categorize each candidate by role or department

3. Use Crmble fields to add scores or dates for interviews.

You can add fields for scoring an interview, or answers to specific questions you want to cover in an interview.

4. Use Voting Power-Up to let interviewers upvote candidates.

If you have multiple interviewers and want to allow the ability to vote on candidates, you can use the Voting Power-up!

5. Use comments to let interviewers share notes about the candidate, or the attachments to attach Google Docs of questions and answers during the interview.

Sync Crmble with Google to be sync files in a Google folder. You can also use comments to make any notes about the interview/candidates, or anything you need to communicate to your colleagues about the role.

You can also attach their resume and cover letter to the card to have all the information and documents in one place!

6. Use Approval Power-Up to show if the Hiring Manager has authorized for a candidate to be given an offer.

Make sure the hiring manager signs off before giving an offer!

7. Use Crmble dashboard to show hiring funnel and show % of candidates that get interviews and job offers.

The Crmble dashboard can show you how many leads progress through your hiring funnel.

Author : Toni, Founder @ Crmble

Source : Trello Templates

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