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A Customer Support solution by Crmble

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Use this board to manage your support tickets with the Crmble Power-Up!

You can use a Google Form or Typeform to get your users to contact your support team. This way everytime a customer submites a form, a new card will be automatically created in your Trello board.
Please read here how to set up and connect Google Forms or Typeforms.

Perfect for organizing support tasks with your team! Crmble syncs with many other sources thanks to its Zapier Topping. so your support tickets can flow into your Trello board, and then you can move them along throughout the processto make sure no support request gets lost. Manage the process with ease, and see detailed levels of reporting with the Crmble Power-Up dashboard and reports.

You can even combine with more power-ups like to supercharge your support process even more.

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Author : Toni, Founder @ Crmble

Source : Trello Templates

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