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A CRM & Sales Pipeline by Crmble

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Ready to Crmble?

You are about to turn your Trello board into a powerful yet easy to use CRM system that makes customers´ relationship management a piece of cake.

Follow this quick Crmble tour to get started...


Starting with the right layout

From now on our template generates and links automatically 6 lists with Crmble's dashboard. These lists represent the most commonly used touch points of a sales pipeline.

✨ New leads | ❄️ Cold | 🌞 Warm | 🔥 Hot | 🎯 Won | 🎈 Lost

Stay organized, stay consistent

Get instant access to your customers’ contact details thanks to “Crmble fields”. A key feature that helps you stay organized and provides consistent data collection and nice integration possibilities with third party services.

Filling out Crmble fields

Import CSV/Excel

A much-requested Trello feature is the ability to import a CSV into Trello and have your rows turn into cards on your Trello boards. Migrate your contact list to your board easily with Crmble!
CSV Lead Import

Seeing the BIG picture

Check at a glance how your sales pipeline is performing.

Crmble Fields data combined with continuous lead position tracking, gives you real time reports with valuable insights of your board activity. You can see percentages, a view of your funnel, volume of leads by source, and percentage of your leads by stage!

Note: Dashboard will only consider cards with at least one contact detail filled out in Crmble fields (Name, Surname, E-Mail or Phone).

Crmble's revamped dashboard

Connect to your lead sources

You can use Crmble toppings to automatically connect your lead forms to Crmble! Whether you're using Google Forms, Typeform, Facebook Lead Ads (or others!), you can have your leads sync right into your board.

Google Sync!

Start syncing your Trello card data with your Google account
Create on demand a Google Contact from any Trello card or save your card attachments to your Google Drive.

Google Sync

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Author : Toni, Founder @ Crmble

Source : Trello Templates

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