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8 Creative Habits

I've been looking for a REALLY simple way to explain the 8 Habits of Creative Practice for the longest time.

Then one day it came to me: A Trello board!

I only wonder why I never thought of it before given my Trello obsession!

This board will help you understand and implement I crucial habits for a sustainable and productive creative practice :)

Steps to get started:

  • Create your own board from this template
  • Once you're in your own board, create cards for actions you could take to support each of the 8 Habits. (See the example cards on this board for ideas.)
  • To add an image to your card, Simply drag an image over the card. You can also click to open it and then click "Attachment" to upload or link to an image.

Author : Cherry Jeffs, Creative Practice Coach + Mixed-media Artist

Source : Trello Templates

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