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5 Product Management Buckets

The 5 Product Management Buckets

This Trello board helps product managers track and manage their tasks effectively without hassle. Work items are split into 5 different categories - each category consists of a bucket to which its respective work items are assigned.

  • Bucket 1: Work In Pipeline
    Future items, Work items under iteration, Use Cases Analysis, Ideas to discuss, etc.
  • Bucket 2: Work In Progress
    Work Under Progress, Current development works, Work under UI/Prototyping, etc. Leaks to be fixed (Bugs, Enhancements, Follow-ups, Second Phase Items, etc.,.)
  • Bucket 3: Work Completed
    Completed work items that have cleared the second bucket, then move to this bucket. These items have to be tracked further for usage and scalability.
  • Bucket 4: Track Completed
    This is an important bucket in the product management cycle where we track all the completed works items and then get insights into how the feature/item is doing. This also involves customer follow-ups and tracking the usability of the converged item.
  • Bucket 5: Goal Achieved
    This bucket is used to get an ideal list of micro-level goals. Usually, all the features (ideas and works) are moved to this bucket. We can set some benchmarks and track it to the real completion. Once we see a clear ROI of the feature convergence, we can move it as GOAL ACHIEVED. There can also be some macro-level goals that we can set as a target for a few items. This can be set based on some clear indicators and KPIs.

I've used the following Power-Ups in this board:

  • Zoho Desk -
    This allows you to create custom views, attach tickets to Trello cards, and boost your team collaboration effortlessly.

  • Custom Fields -
    We can easily add custom data by using this Power-up. Custom fields like text, numbers, checkboxes, dates, and drop-down lists can be added for marking any specific cases or solutions.

Goal Of This Board

To stay organized with the product management tasks and push a work item through different stages and transform it into the feature it was envisioned to be. In an SDLC, product managers play a vital role and the work doesn't end once the feature/enhancement is made live. The actual task starts after it is shipped to the customers. There has to be aftermath for each and every works and it is ideal to track the completed work. Product Managers can set some benchmarks and track it to the real completion. Once we see a clear ROI of the feature/enhancement convergence, we can move it as GOAL ACHIEVED.

Rahul JR - Product Manager, Zoho Desk

Author : Zoho Desk

Source : Trello Templates

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