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30 60 90 Day Plan Template

How To Use This Board

  • Take your time reading through the cards and completing the tasks. Don't stress that you need to work through each card in your first day or first week, it's ok to take the full 90 days.
  • Once you've completed a card, drag it to the far right 'Done' column to clear up some space. You can also use Trello's colored labels (top right of each card) to track your progress and questions.

Use the labels (or create others) to highlight your board's cards.

There are three main uses for a 90-day plan:

  • Help you (or your new hire) settle into the role
  • Grow company knowledge and understanding
  • Empower you with the tools, information, and resources you need to get up to speed quickly

Author : Atlassian

Source : Trello Templates

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